Expansion joints

Mech-well expansion joints solutions for all process industry and power plants.

Mech-well, since 25 years, is a worldwide & complete service manufacturer of various spares for various industry verticals.

Metallic Expansion Joints

Metal expansion joints are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in ductwork, which consists of one or more metal bellows, connected at both ends to ductwork. The heart of metallic expansion joint design is bellow profile, which is optimized using structural design codes and FEA. The overall Expansion joint design, threshold limit of axial and lateral movements, stresses and Life expectancy are estimated as per "Standards of The expansion Joint manufacturers Association". Mechwell provide custom build solutions to customers input for given set of displacements and operating conditions. In addition, we provide definite life warranty based on rigorous fatigue testing, FEA simulations and calculations as per EJMA code.

Fabric Expansion Joints

Mechwell offers fabric expansion joints made up off fabric materials which can be used in high temperature i.e. around 1000 degree centigrade applications or aggressive environment. Also, we provide guaranteed life of 5 years for Fabric Expansion Joints, which have been demonstrated at various customer locations. Judicious design and selection of special grade material such as PTFE laminated fiberglass composites are deployed for dry flue gas service. A 0.005" PTFE barrier is laminated to fiber glass composite to produce rugged material which provides neccessary endurance at high temperature for desired lifespan.

Specially developed thick barrier, which can withstand high flexing is a critical component for preventing chemical attack in expansion joint as compared to traditional thin fragile layer normally offered by most manufacturers. PTFE / fiberglass composite laminated by 100% specialty barrier is capable of resisting stress cracking by flexing and severe temperature fluctuations. The multi directional strength of barrier adds to expansion joint durability. A 0.005" non-woven Insulation component laminated to PTFE / Fiberglass composite for severe temperature exposures up to 538°C, which acquires strength from load bearing composite. Added integrity extends life of insulation and prevents hot spot forming.

Service characteristics of Fabric expansion joints include- PTFE/Fiberglass composite able to handle temperatures up to 538 degrees centigrade.


  • 0.005" non-woven insulation.
  • High stress resistance.
  • High absorption capabilities for axial, transverse and torsional movement.
  • Chemical & corrosion resistant.
  • Easily deployed.
  • High life flexing cycle.
  • High vibration & dampening.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Guaranteed usable expectancy of 5 years.

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