CFD For Thermal Power Plant


Every Watt Counts, Save Maximum Energy and Reduce SPMs with some small steps using CFD analysis in Power Plants.

CFD analysis of ESP :

We perform analysis of ESP's with aim to increase collecting efficiency by flow modulations . We improve the flow distribution at ESP inlet by optimizing honey-comb design at inlet funnel of ESP and providing screens at proper locations.

CFD analysis of Boilers :

The main objective while carrying out CFD analysis in Boilers is to reduce tube erosion caused due to impingement of high velocity fly ash particles, results - minimizes plant shutdowns due to tube leakages in boilers & increasing the availability of the system.

CFD analysis of Ducts :

  • CFD ANLYSIS IN DUCTS : Reduction of auxiliary power consumption in power plant.

The Ducting of Primary air, Secondary air & flue gas ducting goes under many changes as per availability of space ,so duct may have sudden sharp bends, sudden changes in cross-sections & various tapping to the duct. This increases the pressure drop in duct, increase in Auxiliary power consumptions, flow imbalance in various pass of the duct, erosion in Ducting.

  • Mewch-well has already provided solutions to over 100 power plants with the benefits of -
  • Reduction in Aux. power consumption
  • Reduction in pressure drop
  • Flow balancing in Ducts
  • Ash Balancing in each ESP Inlet
  • Solution to Ash settlement in duct
  • Minimization of erosion of duct
  • Heat rate improvement in APH

Solutions to Flue Gas ducting

  • Mechwell has expertise of balancing the flue Gas flow as well as Balancing the Ash flow at each ESP inlet to get the optimum efficiency of the ESP'S ranging from 110MW boiler to 660MW Boilers
  • Ash Settlement & balancing Study : Mechwell has Experience to avoid Ash settlement in Flue Gas duct though Load of power plant will reduce to 50%
  • Erosion Study of Duct : Mechwell has Experience to minimize the erosion of duct to prolong the life of duct to 2-3 years

  • Solutions to Primary & Secondary Air Ducting:
  • Balance the flow in All Coal-Mill & reduction in pressure drop
  • Equalizing the flow in al Coal nozzles & wind box & reduction in pressure drop
  • Components for Thermal Power Plant -